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Retail Store Concepts - Welcome To Our Site

RSC - bringing YOUR specialty retail store into the new millennium. We can help by offering you design plans for your store's interior. We can supply a variety of store fixtures, slotwall, literature racks, baskets, shelves, hooks, hangers and all the specialty merchandising aids you may require. Choose from our vast supply of in-store signage or take advantage of our custom signage and graphics expertise. We are your shopping location for your retail store needs.

Please feel free to email us with your special requirements! (Remove the blanks before and after the @ sign)

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MegaWall Steel Slatwall System

MegaWall steel slatwall is a system of 3" horizontal profiles (slats) that interlock to form an uninterrupted wall of metal slatwall. There are no visible fasteners or horizontal seams. The product is extremely durable and strong compared with traditional MDF slatwall. Visually striking metal finishes are available as well as solid colors. All finishes provide the esthetic benefit of the grooves and flat surface having the same finish. By eliminating the horizontal striping effect produced by traditional slatwall, MegaWall steel slatwall provides a clean, elegant look that is suitable for a wide range of interior design concepts
MegaWall Steel Slatwall System